"For now we see only a reflection...then we shall see face to face." - Apostle Paul

Sexuality resources

This is a growing collection of links and resources that I have found helpful. I hope they will also be useful to you.

  • Living Out is run by Christians who experience same sex attraction but are seeking to live in accordance with traditional biblical sexual teaching. There are some fantastic testimonies and articles on there. (You may also enjoy my short video testimony!).

  • True Freedom Trust offers biblical teaching and pastoral support on sexuality.

  • Meditations of a Traveling Nun - A Christian celibate lesbian committed to a traditional sexual ethic.

  • Eve Tushnet is a celibate gay Catholic with lots of interesting things to say.

  • Spiritual Friendship - Musings on God, Sexuality and Relationships by a number of contributors including Wes Hill, Ron Belgau and Mark Yarhouse.

  • Rosaria Butterfield is a former lesbian academic with a fascinating story of coming to know Christ.

  • Kate Wharton is a single and celibate vicar from Liverpool.

  • Toucan is a relationship app for couples developed by Agap√© Family Life.

  • Care For The Family is a Christian organisation promoting strong family life and supporting spouses and parents.
Singleness, celibacy and marriage
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