"I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full" -Jesus


I am often invited to speak at churches and conferences, particularly on the subjects of biblical sexuality and mission. Do get in touch if you'd like to invite me to speak at your church or event. Below is a selection of talks I have given (recordings linked to where available. Others available on request).

Sexuality and singleness

Trinity Church Lancaster

10 Feb 2019

Loving our LGBT friends
Agapé Fireseeds national student conference
9 Feb 2019

The Big Questions: Sex (Identity, singleness, celibacy, marriage, community)

Agapé Family Life Vision and Equipping conference
2 Feb 2019

Durham Road Baptist

5 Aug 2018
Living Out Identity in Christ conference
21 June 2018

Sexuality - Part of ‘Big Issue’ series on barriers to Christianity (Testimony, Biblical sexuality, gospel challenge and Q&A)

Christ Church Liverpool

18 March 2018


Homosexuality (My story, Biblical sexuality, same-sex attraction support, sharing faith with gay friends and Q&A)

Christ Church Heaton (Newcastle)

7 March 2018



Christ Church Gosforth (Newcastle)

6 March 2018


Durham Road Baptist

11 Feb 2018


Bountiful Women's Conference

3 Feb 2018

Biblical teaching on sexuality and Q&A
York Young Life group
25 Nov 2017

Acts 8: 29 - 40 (Philip and the Ethiopian)

Kelvin Grove church Gateshead
23 July 2017
Homosexuality (Testimony, Same-sex attraction support, sharing faith with gay friends and Q&A)
Listowel Christian Fellowship
25 Feb 2017
Agapé MOVE conference
3 Feb 2017
Us connecting with God (Spirit-filled life)
Agapé Fireseeds national student conference
21 Feb 2016
Sharing our faith with our gay friends
True Freedom Trust annual conference
3 Oct 2015