"The gospel is only good news if it gets there in time" – Carl F. H. Henry

My role

My time is split between a local, supported volunteer role at Durham Road Baptist church and a national, salaried role at Christian ministry Living Out. I am also studying for a Master's in Contemporary Missiology at Redcliffe College and I am a voluntary trustee and speaker at True Freedom Trust. My particular passion is mission and seeing people come to know Jesus, so I enjoy a balance of investing in people by getting stuck into local ministry and equipping the church through speaking, teaching and training. My day-to-day routine can vary throughout the year, but here are some of the things I typically get up to and will be working on in the future:

Local ministry

See Durham Road Baptist page for more information.

  • Sharing my faith using various evangelism tools, meeting with non-Christians and Christians 1-2-1 and in groups to study the Bible, and helping Christians to be more effective in sharing their faith.

  • Developing community outreach through social action and evangelism initiatives such as prayer walks, homeless work, yard parties, Big Church Night In, visiting sheltered accommodation and connecting with neighbourhood groups.

  • Developing social enterprises to provide employment for those experiencing disadvantage, particularly our growing community of Iranian refugees.

  • Teaching at Serve discipleship course on subjects such as identity, small group leading, stewardship, forgiveness, public speaking, leadership and Bible handling.

  • Helping Christians to recognise their gifts and to step up in leadership for example in leading services, taking steps in outreach and evangelism, taking the initiative in building relationships.

  • Making mission the centre of our growing community - training others to understand mission, to build deep community, to be outward-focussed and to use every opportunity to make connections between Christian and non-Christian friends. 

  • Partnering with other churches and Christian ministries in the region to reach the lost throughout Newcastle and Gateshead.

  • Using my communication experience to help the communication team with the website, social media, newsletters etc.

  • Additional responsibilities include team meetings and prayer meetings, administration and support maintenance (eg, writing my newsletter and corresponding with supporters). If you would like to know more about supporting me, that's great - thank you! Go to my support page for more information.

National ministry

See Living Out page for more information.

  • Speaking at conferences and churches - sharing my own story and teaching on biblical sexuality, same-sex attraction, identity, singleness, celibacy, community and God's vision for his people.

  • Researching and writing resources on sexuality and related topics to support Christians who experience struggles themselves, and to equip churches to engage helpfully with LGBT people and share God's love with them.

  • Managing the Living Out website and social media accounts so that we can extend our network and engage with more people.

  • Making links with churches and partnering with them to run events to equip and train leaders on issues of sexuality.

  • Creating podcasts and videos to resource people in different ways and meet a range of needs.

  • Recruiting and training speakers so that there is a greater range of voices and diversity of people who are commending a holy lifestyle and demonstrating life in all its fulness in Jesus.

  • Coming up with creative ideas for new projects so that the ministry can keep reaching new people in relevant ways.